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UniDryer V2

Continuing the development of their range of non-contact infrared drying systems, the Solaronics/Bekaert UniDryer® V2 has been designed for drying and profiling after size press and coating stations.


Developed specifically for the paper and board industry, the combination of air flotation and gas infrared technologies provides the highest energy efficiency and longest emitter lifetime available.


The system consists of air flotation nozzles, Gem infrared emitters and integrated air fans. The high power emitters transfer the energy directly onto the web by infrared radiation whilst the air flotation nozzles, positioned in between each 2-row burner, optimise evaporation by virtue of the integrated fans that directly re-blow the hot air back onto the web at up to 350°C at 50m/s. This unique combination ensures a system efficiency of 68% without the use of heat exchangers.


The high power Gem emitters allow the gel point to be reached as fast as possible thereby reducing migration and mottling. After the gel point the drying rate can be further controlled by the selection and power level of each two-row burner. Coat temperature is controlled all along the drying web by the alternative use of air flotation and infrared whilst integrating a profiling option into the system can also optimise the cross-direction moisture profile. Even if differing amounts of coating are applied to each side of the paper, the Bekaert Unidryer V2 system will ensure perfect quality thanks to top-bottom drying flexibility.


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Solaronics Bekaert UniDryver V2

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