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Tension control systems

Sensorex Load Cells


Available in different models with loads from 0 to 500 daN, the SX-VF is used in combination with rollers to detect the web tension of a product.


Flange load cells with clearance hole


Ideal for work in environments where space is limited and sensor rollers are applied with cross shafts.


Compact design

Available with loads from 25 to 600 kg.


Isomatic Control Panel

Completely manages the process by configuring necessary functions on the         display. Additional functions can be customized on request.


Complete management of PID functions

Open or closed loop regulation

Compensation of reels inertia in different stages

Programmable acceleration and deceleration time instead of the set point

Decreasing tension regulation (taper)

Management program for rolls change no-stop

When mounting load cells, it is possible to connect the instrument directly to the  load cell bridge (full or half bridge).


Reset Amplifier


Digital measuring amplifier for strain gauge bridge, equipped with a 24-bit acquisition circuit with programmable gain, of 3 analogue outputs to a control unit and a digital input for a reset of the outputs from remote.

In basic mode it allows the adjustment of the zero setup (calibration) of the analogue signal and to increase / decrease the output gain through an interface with three dedicated keys; the output voltage to the control unit continuously appears on the display. This allows the adjustment to be carried out in the field without using external tools (tester or screwdrivers).

In advanced mode (activated with a special key combination) all the parameters of the operation unit can be programmed using the keyboard and the display: zero, gain full scale of the filter on the signal, threshold values for alarms, etc.

In normal operation the display shows the voltage measurement, processed according to current parameters, while the two digital outputs report two alarms when the limits are exceeded.

Also available with RS485, CANopen or Profibus DPV1 DS404 interfaces.


E/P Converter


Electropneumatic converter that converts an electrical signal into compressed air with a pressure directly proportional to the signal provided.


Compact dimension

Accuracy in tension

Power supply 24 VDC

Signal 0-10 V



Complete Tension Control System

Isobox is an integrated system for the automatic tension regulation of the Isomatic control panel and Ep converter transducer. The Isobox system is easy to use and ready to mount. With Sensorex load cells, it is ideal for unwinders equipped with the Turborex pneumatic multidisc brakes.

Renova Reset Amplifier ADS-R
Renova Isomatic Control Panel
Renova Isobox

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