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Sludge dewatering machines

With over 25-years' experience, Neyrtec provides turnkey solutions for effluent and sludge treatment in the pulp and paper industries.


Rotary screen thickener for sludge thickening


Wide range of models with capacities up to 250 m3/h

Wide range of applications for sludge thickening (primary, biological, de-inking, mixed sludge)

Reliable and constant operation from 5 to 100 g/1 of feed consistency

Stable, improved performance

High outlet consistencies (dryness) from 10 to 20 %

Clean filtrate from 30 to 300 mg/1

Low utility consumption

Flexible, clean and maintenance-free machine

Integrated polymer flash mixing tank

Accessible pressure showers for screen cleaning

Choice of screen mesh


Tasster screw press

High capacity units with minimal space requirement.

Suitable for blended sludges, primary, de-inking, biological, pith and bagasse.

Successful operation over full speed range.


Smooth operation

Low maintenance cost

High availability


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Neyrtec sludge dewatering machine

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