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Roll and Reel Pusher


The Moviroll roll/reel pusher allows the operator to effortlessly manoeuvre both large and small cylindrical loads on a flat surface and then place them on the roll stand shuttle cart.


The machine uses the power of a pneumatic gear motor that is stimulated by pressurised and lubricated air at 6 bar, this allowing the transmission of circular motion to a pyramid system consisting of three rubber rollers. The power transmission begins when the Moviroll’s drive roller is compressed by contact with the weight of the roll to be moved. Should the machine be activated without load, the drive roller will simply run free.


Compact, robust and with low maintenance, the Moviroll system allows the movement of the load in a continuous and regular way and is ideal for handling paper, tissue and converting rolls in a simple and safe manner. All that is required is a compressed air connection.


Two models, each with two different handle configurations, comprise the range:


Models MR100/MR100 S


Thrust force 100000 N

Lift force 25000 N

Maximum speed 24 m/min

Air pressure 6-7 bar

Air consumption 28 l/sec

Weight 24 Kg

Dimensions 310x360x150


Models MR200/MR200 S

As above with an increased thrust force of 200000 N


Lift force 50000 N

Air consumption 40 l/sec

Weight 26 Kg


Also available, battery-operated models that have the advantage of free movement without the constraints of pneumatic connections or electrical cables


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