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Renova offers a wide range of integrated systems for web tension regulation in open-loop tension or closed-loop systems which stand out for their maximum accuracy, linearity, user-friendliness, precision and flexibility.


On unwinders, Renova control systems are ideal with the company’s pneumatic brakes or magnetic powder brakes whilst Sensorex loads cells, the Reset amplifier, Isomatic control panel, and the Ep converter transducer keep the desired web tension constant, avoiding the possibility of material breaks in any phase of web processing.


Web Tension Control


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A digital measuring amplifier for connecting two load cells with strain gauge bridge. The compact size, user-friendliness and easy installation allows the Reset amplifier to be both extremely flexible and precise at the same time, whilst providing high long-term stability and excellent linearity. It is equipped with a 24-bit acquisition circuit with programmable gain of 3 analogue output to a control unit, also a digital input for a reset of the outputs from remote.


In the standard mode, the measuring amplifier allows analogue signal zeroing (calibration), and the output gain increasing/decreasing, by a three-button interface; the output tension being continuously visualised on the display enabling adjustment without external instruments (tester or screw-driver).


In the advanced mode, it is possible to program all operational parameters of the unit via the keyboard and the display as well as zero, gain (full scale in engineering unit), pass-band of the filter on the signal etc.


The normal mode displays the voltage measurement which is based on the current parameterisation.


24-bit Microprocessor

Assembling on DIN guide step of 23 mm

4-digit display

Also available with RS485, CANopen or Profibus DPV1 DS404 interface

Reset Amplifier


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