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Renova offers a wide range of integrated systems for web tension regulation in open-loop tension or closed-loop systems which stand out for their maximum accuracy, linearity, user-friendliness, precision and flexibility.


On unwinders, Renova control systems are ideal with the company’s pneumatic brakes or magnetic powder brakes whilst Sensorex loads cells, the Reset amplifier, Isomatic control panel, and the Ep converter transducer keep the desired web tension constant, avoiding the possibility of material breaks in any phase of web processing.


Web Tension Control


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Suitable for applications where precision and reliable measurement and control of the tension of winding/unwinding rolls are required. The Isomatic compares the web tension value detected from the load cells with the ‘set point’ and sends the input to the brake (or motor) in order to adjust the web tension. The web tension value can also be obtained by the ultrasonic sensor that is able to detect the reel diameter or by a potentiometer connected to a dancer roller. Its first-rate price-performance ratio makes the Isomatic an attractive solution for web tension control in both closed-loop and open-loop systems.


The Isomatic control panel particularly stands out for its user-friendliness, compactness and ease of use - it is extremely versatile and meets all requested features with the highest reliability.


Complete management of PID functions

Compensation of reel inertia in different stages

Programmable acceleration and deceleration time instead of the set point

Management program for no-stop rolls change

Typical applications on printing and converting machines

Isomatic Control Panel


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