Electropneumatic converter transducer can be used for web tension control in closed-loop and open-loop systems. In use, the electrical signal received from the control panel is converted into a pneumatic value input to be sent to the pneumatic brake.


The unit’s compact dimensions allow easy positioning near the brake to which it is connected in order to achieve maximum performance.


Maximum precision and accuracy

Very compact dimensions

Power supply 24 VDC

Signal 0-10 V



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Renova offers a wide range of integrated systems for web tension regulation in open-loop tension or closed-loop systems which stand out for their maximum accuracy, linearity, user-friendliness, precision and flexibility.


On unwinders, Renova control systems are ideal with the company’s pneumatic brakes or magnetic powder brakes whilst Sensorex loads cells, the Reset amplifier, Isomatic control panel, and the Ep converter transducer keep the desired web tension constant, avoiding the possibility of material breaks in any phase of web processing.


Web Tension Control


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E/P Converter