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The patented Duplex chuck has been designed to cope with two problems which often occur during the production cycle.


The first is the paper waste problem caused by reel core slippage. Paper waste most often occurs during splicing due to either an incomplete unwinding of the roll or core damage (cores should not be re-used).


The second is related to a low safety level for the operator due to manual intervention from levers or other tools required for the discharge of stuck reels or cores from the reel stand.


Duplex combines the high quality of Renova’s mechanical torque chuck with a pneumatic telescopic piston which is concentric to the mechanical chuck. This patented and revolutionary system ensures that firstly, the core is blocked easily and secondly, the release of any dimension roll from its roll stand, is achieved safely. It is the ideal solution for reel stands without an existing core ejector system and is 100% adaptable to all roll stands.



Simple and compact design that does not interfere with the roll width

Perfect and fast grip to any core because of the jaws’ huge contact area and minimum space between the gripping units and the reel core

Ejection force of 20000 N + 10000 N

Easy and fast installation


Different chuck nose configurations available

Pneumatic re-enter of the pistons optional


Duplex Roll Ejector Core Chucks


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