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Expanding reel spool shafts

The 640/PQL pneumatic multiple-bladder expanding reel spool shaft has proved to be the reel spool of choice for winding jumbo reels of tissue and paper.


Encompassing the well-tested Svecom PE system, with its groups of air tubes with steel centring ledges and rubber blocking ledges, the 640/PQL carries high loads and guarantees perfect winding of reels at the highest machine speeds.


Each of the multiple bladders has its own internal check valve for guaranteed expansion - if one fails the rest remain inflated.  Should one leak, location and repair is easily accomplished on site in 10 – 15 minutes.


Dynamically balanced from Grade G1 to G-1.6, shafts can be supplied at any diameter up to a maximum working width of 14 M and the need for dozens of heavy and expensive non-expanding reel spools, often used to wind, store, or transport rolls, is redundant as only three or four 640/PQL shafts are required to run non-stop.


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