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Johnson Screens

Pulp and Paper Screens

Johnson Screens with its trade mark Vee-Wire® is the leading brand for industrial filter screens. The company’s screens for the pulp and paper industries have been developed to satisfy the requirements for mill filtration and similar processes including water clarification and cleaning, dewatering, pulp screening and fractionation, fibre retention, drying and other liquid/solid separation processes.


Manufactured in stainless-steel, the Vee-Wire® filter elements for liquid, solid and gas/solid separation are known for great strength, a long service life and a high level of adaptability. The screens are made by welding patented vee-shaped wire onto a variety of shapes including cylindrical, flat or curved panels, cones, or specific to an application. The process creates a slot that enlarges inwardly, creating a large open area and clog-resistant surface. The continuous welding method meets the most demanding standards for ruggedness, durability, resistance to abrasion, consistency and slot openings.




  • Non-clogging surface

  • Large open area

  • Low pressure drop

  • Hydraulic efficiency

  • High flow rates

  • Mechanical strength

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Easy cleaning






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