Tuesday 30 June 2015 | 5:11 am GMT

Thermopap: Steam, condensate and air systems

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Steam and air systems


Steam systems

Thermopap "Cascade” or “Thermo-compressor” air system equipment is specified dependent on the drying requirement of the grade of paper being produced. Efficient drying of even the most demanding grades can be achieved. To allow a progressive temperature increase, “Cascade” systems use break-through steam from the high-pressure section to the lower pressure section. All the available energy is therefore recovered but without drying flexibility. Using the principle of compressing the break-through steam, and adding high-pressure motive steam, Thermopap’s “Thermo-compressor” systems however, allow an independent management of each section of the machine and a wider control especially at low pressure.  In order to ensure the continuous energy optimisation and control of the drying process, both systems are equipped with control and regulation systems coupled with drying software specially developed by Thermopap. Optimum tuning is therefore obtained for any operating condition and all possible drifts avoided. 

Air systems

Steam and air expertise is combined to provide innovative solutions for better efficiency – this leading to energy savings. Energy transfer is optimised and the system will comply with paper stability from the heaviest to the lightest. Air-to-steam, air-to-condensate, air-to-air exchangers and blower heads for pocket ventilation are also available to further optimise heat recovery or boost drying capacity.