Thursday 26 November 2015 | 3:54 pm GMT

Jarshire: Food dewatering system - Fowex

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Food dewatering system - Fowex

The Fowex unit shatters food waste before it is passed to a compression chamber where the water content is squeezed out thereby reducing waste volume by 80-85%. The water may then be safely disposed of by normal means whilst the residue is either compacted, binned, or, when vegetable waste only, used as garden mulch.

Two options are available: an open bowl version that allows greater volumes and larger waste particles to be disposed of and which will shatter 700 kg of waste per hour; and an inlet lidded version that will shatter 400 kg of waste per hour whilst providing high levels of operator safety.

Compact, fully automatic and self-cleaning, Fowex will bring about water and energy savings of some 65%. Clean-up operations are simplified and, with the introduction of a microbiological system whereby beneficial microbes are introduced to the waste to stop the putrefaction process, odour and bacterial contamination are eliminated. Importantly, where kitchen space is at a premium, and providing a 2° incline is possible, the main dewatering unit may be positioned up to 75 metres from the disposal unit.

Fowex has proven itself in the UK, desert locations and German, Swiss and Austrian mountain villages where waste weight and disposal costs are important issues.

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