Saturday 18 April 2015 | 11:32 pm GMT

CVN Vooner Paper Machinery: Fabric showers and felt cleaning

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Fabric Showers and Felt Cleaning

CVN Vooner has been providing water removal expertise to the paper manufacturing industry for over 24 years. Vacuum dewatering of press fabrics is carried out evenly across the width of the web, and rugged suction boxes are fitted, strong enough to support ceramic covers that provide long-term cost savings. As mills increasingly recycle process water to improve profits, CVN Vooner Osprey® gravity self-cleaning strainers, can be supplied to efficiently remove any loose fibres as a key part of shower water being recycled.

Other CVN-Vooner products are available to improve a mill’s clean press fabrics’ performance, including oscillating cleaning showers for Complete Coverage Cleaning and fixed lubricating showers for Uhle boxes.

Any mill using CVN actuators since 1983, the Dolphin formerly known as the SRA1200, the General Morgan formerly called the SRA2000, SRA5000 or Rolltech, can now get parts, rebuilds or replacements from us.