Saturday 28 November 2015 | 9:24 am GMT

Weingrill: Electromechanical products

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Electromechanical Products

Weingrill production is centred mainly on an extensive range of automation products for the paper-making and converting industries that are to be found in a wide range of machinery manufacturers' equipment. The stock range includes:

Wet and Dry End tail cutters including fully automated W Shark tailbreaker
Automatic guides and stretchers for wire and felt control.
Palm valves and palm alarms for wire and felt control.
Load cell support carriers for remote control of wire and felt tension.
Pneumatic and electromechanical actuators.
Pneumatic reciprocating motors for the control of doctor and shower pipes.
Mechanical worm-screw and bevel gear pair jacks.
Micrometer screws for trims and linear and angular adjustment.
Special-production bearings for axial and eccentric movement.
Special-production pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.
Valves for pneumatic and hydraulic control.
Paper cutter holders.
Oil-flow indicators for lubrication systems.

In addition to the stock items, single parts, devised in-house for a specific purpose or custom-designed to specific instructions, can be supplied.