Tuesday 01 December 2015 | 9:50 pm GMT

Jarshire: Chucks

Standard chuck - image for illustration purposes only

Standard chuck

Double chuck - image for illustration purposes only

Double chuck

Totalgrip chuck - image for illustration purposes only

Totalgrip chuck


Requiring little maintenance, Jarshire chucks do not have internal components that can collapse or become adversely affected by dust. They may be customised to meet specific end-user and OEM needs including a “core kicker” option. In operation, the chucks expand when the reel stand arms close guaranteeing that the lugs expand concentric and true, gripping the core perfectly.

Standard chuck
Highly recommended for its strength and reliability. May be supplied as a single, double or triple chuck to suit core sizes 76mm, 100mm and 152mm, or tailor-made to other combinations.

The chuck of choice when cores are reused in-house. The large contact surface of the lugs allows reuse of reels as many times as necessary, exerting a positive gripping force from the start. Its design allows total contraction of the lugs below the diameter of the chuck body, resulting in easy reel changes as the chuck becomes a slide fit into the reel with no lugs or pads for the reel to catch on. Can also be tailor made.

Double and triple chuck
Adaptable for use with two or three  different core sizes, the most common being 76/152 mm although other sizes may also be supplied.