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Carbon fibre pneumatic lug shaft including Goldenrod

This lightweight, lug-type carbon fibre airshaft is recommended for unwind and rewind applications when using cores.


It will increase productivity as well as extend the life of the shaft. When compared to existing steel shafts it has the advantage of being lighter in weight, can be carried by a single operator without assistance, and run at a higher critical speed.


The shaft body is made of high strength carbon fibre, fabricated through a high pressure and temperature process comprising several very thin carbon fibre sheets. Aerospace technology was used to assure maximum density, the best performance and greater reliability.


The shaft has two exclusive features:

The lug seats are made of new technology high-strength steel designed to avoid any possibility of surface cracking, and to distribute the load uniformly over the whole carbon section.  This increases the shaft life greatly when compared to competitors’ carbon shafts that may be covered by a heavy steel sleeve.

The body-ends have a new technology steel insert with a specially designed steel-carbon interface to safely transmit the torque.


Expansion is achieved by a single inflatable tube that, when air is applied, exerts pressure to engage the lugs thus locking the cores. The expanding lugs can be supplied either steel, plastic or rubber covered depending upon core material and torque requirements and the journal ends are always custom fabricated from a variety of steel materials.


Standard diameter of the shaft is 3 inches and standard lengths are available between 800 and 2500mm. Other sizes can be supplied to specific requirements.


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