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January 2013
New Jarshire/IPS Dual Wire Tying System

Jarshire Limited has announced the introduction of the Jarshire/IPS Dual Wire Tying system in the UK and Ireland.  Commenting, Director Nick Jobson said: “This is an important development. IPS already supplies us with our standard wire tie systems but increasing numbers of our customers are asking about dual tying utilising both plastic and traditional wire. The Jarshire/IPS system will allow customers who want to bale RDF and recyclable material to only need one machine to bale all their waste”.

Jobson further announced that Jarshire has already received orders from two customers for dual tying systems. One a retrofit on an IPS baler already delivered, the second on a new IPS order scheduled for delivery April 2013.

Dual Tying is a versatile system and can be retrofitted to any make of Two Ram baler. Two configurations are available – overhead gantry mounted with rollers, or cantilever floor mounted. In both cases the units are entirely mounted to a bottom plate either hanging from the top or supported from the bottom. In operation, nothing has to be removed to change from wire to plastic and there is no need to disconnect any of the wire, plastic strapping, hoses, or electrical components.

Service back-up will be provided by Jarshire who will hold plastic and wire strapping stock at their premises in Slough and at their spares warehouse in Halifax.