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November 2012
Horizontal AT Baler - image for illustration purposes only

Horizontal AT Baler

Competitor recommends Jarshire/IPS Balers to ReGen

Two, IPS, fully automatic auto-tie balers have been installed at ReGen, Newry, Northern Ireland following the recommendation by a Jarshire competitor. The order was placed as Jarshire was the only company able to offer a fully automatic baler to suit the size of the installation or within the limitation of the project’s budget.

ReGen is a Mixed Dry Recyclables Processor. The plant has the capacity to deal with 120,000 tons of material annually and is home to one of Europe's most advanced MRF installations. The balers are now part of a custom-designed film processing installation where plastic film is removed from unsorted waste, via an air extraction / vacuum system, then sorted into two grades prior to baling - this replacing the previous system where extracted film was mixed together in various storage bunkers and then baled using the plant’s main baler at various times during the day.

The IPS AT736 baler is the smallest, fully automatic, auto-tie baler on the market and, since becoming operational, ReGen has achieved a number of key benefits: fewer changeovers are required on the plant’s main baler allowing more time for processing other materials, this also freeing up plant workers’ time for other tasks; the installation, including the balers, can run on full auto without the need for supervision throughout the day; and bale weights have been increased by as much as 20% thus giving better value per load leaving the plant.

Commenting, Louth McMahon, ReGen Waste Chief Mechanical Engineer, said: “The AT736 balers supplied by Jarshire / IPS have already shown to be a great addition to our facility, meeting all of the targets we set for them”. He added, “The Jarshire/IPS team were a great support in helping us achieve our goal”.