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By Jarshire, Jun 12 2019 08:39AM

Back in 2012, three new Neyrtec PFB 750 screw presses were installed at a Kimberly-Clark Mill in Mexico to replace three existing screw presses. The customer reported a significant improvement in dryness – 60% being constantly attained, day after day.

By Jarshire, Mar 6 2019 11:09AM

When looking for a reel or roll handling solution, it is unlikely that Connectivity, the Internet of Things, Big Data, AI or App-control are at the forefront of a customer’s mind. However, experience has shown that it is not long before forward-looking prospective customers begin to understand its importance and investigate.

By Jarshire, Mar 6 2019 11:03AM

The Italian equipment specialist Weingrill has announced a new development within its range of tail cutters claiming that its HP-Waterjet is the best alternative to dry-end tail cutters with rotating blades, and that this new device offers major advantages over traditional cutting systems.

By Jarshire, Jan 16 2019 11:01AM

Dotec is a global supplier of bespoke solutions offering a broad portfolio of standard LiftAssist® roll handling equipment for a variety of market segments and is represented in the UK and Ireland by Jarshire Ltd, specialist supplier of equipment, machinery and components for the Converting sector.

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