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Repeat screw press order says it all

By Jarshire, Jun 12 2019 08:39AM

Back in 2012, three new Neyrtec PFB 750 screw presses were installed at a Kimberly-Clark Mill in Mexico to replace three existing screw presses. The customer reported a significant improvement in dryness – 60% being constantly attained, day after day.

As a result, in 2018, when KC considered an extension of their dewatering needs, Neyrtec equipment was the obvious choice. In total, two Neyrtec PFB950 screw presses and two drum pre-thickeners RST4000 were installed for extra capacity of 150 BDTPD. Again, the Neyrtec equipment performed perfectly, with the customer reporting a consistent dryness of 60%.

The Tasster® screw press is perfectly suited for dewatering paper industry sludge. It is a high capacity unit with minimal space requirement, featuring a smooth operation and low operating and maintenance costs.

Other services from Neyrtec include design and manufacture of specialist customised equipment; laboratory testing of samples; pilot trials; on-site testing for process performance validation; spare parts supply; and a full preventative and curative after-sales service.

Neyrtec Environnement is part of CMI Proserpol, now in the CMI Group, and is represented in the UK by Jarshire Ltd.

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