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A portable, self-contained, waste management unit housed in a transportable 20-40 ft container (patented), customised to contain all the necessary equipment and services for a specific purpose.

By utilising easily transportable single or multiple housings, the Jarshire concept of localised waste management is able to provide an economical support, shelter and operational facility directly to a point of need.


The unit is self-powered, weatherproof and has the option of including air-conditioned rest room facilities for staff. Applications are at any waste-producing source where recycling is desired including factories and industrial sites, hotels, educational establishments, construction sites, small towns and villages, and at major public events. Local Authorities will appreciate the up-to-80% reduction in landfill waste volume that such a facility can provide.


Built to ISO 14001 quality and powered by an integral generator, MRF units may typically house a multi-chamber baler, shredder, glass processor, bulb crusher, jet washer, barrel press, steel can crusher, spill kits and waste oil tanks. All equipment is supplied bolted to the container floor and additional fixed and temporary fastenings are provided to allow safe transport.


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Spill kits

A comprehensive range of containment and clean-up products is available, and spill kits are supplied to specific requirements.


In-vessel composter (IVC)

Designed to aerobically compost organic materials over a period of 14 days during which time the material is stabilised and sanitised. Waste material is aerated by the action of rotating paddles that move it in a zig-zag manner through the twin chambers of the IVC and by the injection of fresh air through the lower chamber. Compartmentalisation allows material to be treated differently at different stages of the process and ensures that the possibility of particles by-passing the system is virtually eliminated.


Other associated equipment can include collection bins, fresh water tank, diesel tank, pallet truck, porter trolley and a drum handling trolley.

Mobile materials recycling facility

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