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Lightweight shafts including Goldenrod

The body of the improved version of the 640/PL multi-bladdered shaft is manufactured from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminium. The weight has been reduced by 15%, allowing easier manual handling for operators, easier insertion and withdrawal from the core and increased production through quicker reel changes. Maintenance time and the cost of spare parts have also been reduced.


In addition to offering a better strength-to-weight ratio than competitors' shafts, the way the steel journals are locked into the shaft's body has been redesigned.


Equally spaced rows of expanding ledges are set in "T" slots that extend continuously along the length of the shaft's body. The bladders under each gripping ledge are inflated simultaneously through a single air valve, raising the ledges to grip the core's internal diameter. The fully moulded rubber gripping ledges are bonded to a steel backing that protects the bladders from knives and prevents the ledges coming out of the slots under high torque conditions. When the shaft is deflated, steel spring clips positively retract the ledges below the shaft body surface for sure and easy removal of the shaft from the core.


Five different aluminium profiles can be supplied depending on reel weight and machine speed. If required, they be specified in steel from ½" diameter through to 20" diameter and up to 16 metres long; alternatively in aluminium profile filled with carbon-epoxy resin to provide a shaft with the strength of steel but with the body weight of aluminium.


By fitting three rows of bearings along the body of the shaft, it becomes the quickest and easiest shaft to insert and withdraw from reels. If of cantilevered design, any weight of reel can be slid-off using one hand.


The Svecom multi-bladder shaft can also be supplied as a differential rewind shaft; also in 640/PQL format to give a self-centring, concentric running airshaft for perfect winding.


Jarshire carry, in-stock, spare parts for Svecom shafts for same-day despatch and, should a shaft require repair, a machine operator can have it back up-and-running in under 10 minutes with just an Allen key and a pair of scissors.


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