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Countess Laminator

Compact, inexpensive and high performing, the Countess solvent-less laminator incorporates a new generation of process control hardware and software.


Ease of use and proven reliability, together with reduced maintenance requirements, reduce downtime and operator involvement.


Princess M and MC Laminators

Ergonomically designed, the Princess multi-process laminators apply state of the art coating and laminating technology to process film, foil and paper with interchangeable trolleys allowing the multi-process system to perform ten different coating and laminating functions.


Permanent modularity allows retrofit machine configuration to meet changing demand, and easy access is provided for both machine adjustments during running and routine maintenance.


Regis Laminator

The coating and lamination unit of the new, compact and solvent-less Regis laminator features four independent motors designed for superior performance. The transfer roller can be of the sleeve type with an on-machine quick-change system and, for simplicity of operation, the heating units for the coating cylinders are integrated in the unit structure.


The non-stop version of the duplex laminator is equipped with automatic winders allowing reel changes at production speed.


Technolami Princess Laminator

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