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Taiwan Endurance was established in 1967. Now, as a leading manufacturer of conveying systems, the company can offer the paper mill, paper product mill and carton box plant markets an extensive range of equipment.


Inkjet Printing Machine

High printing quality from a simple and durable design.

Logic controlled conveyor system

Fully compliable with automatic warehouses.

Turn Table – Rapid rotation with accurate positioning

Storage Conveyor – Strong and reliable with little to no maintenance

90 degree Upender – Rapid upending action to match production speeds


Automatic strapping machine integrated with conveyor system

Designed to work with different brand/types of strapping machines.


Jumbo Roll Cart

Capacity from 5 to 60 Tons.


Double Slat Roll Storage Conveyor

Built to last, a conveyor that will serve the plant for a long period of time.


Kraft wrapping machine system

Of simple and durable design with easily operable functions

Quick and easy maintenance procedures

Low down-time for maintenance and breakdowns


Wood Pulp Line and Waste Paper

Equipped with weighing scale, automatic tray and wire-cutting functions.


Apron Conveyor System for waste paper

Suitable for all kinds of waste paper.



Floor Conveyors

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