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Dye dilution and dosing

Kemex™ Dye dilution system

The Kemex system is used to dose concentrated dyes for dilution. The system is ideal for tinting and colouring all paper grades whilst the small footprint allows easy width-restricted installation space.


Concentrated dye is normally dosed directly from delivery containers with the Kemex™ system. Continuous dosing directly from containers can be ensured by connecting two containers of the same dye in parallel using container-empty sensors to switch from the emptied container to the full container. All wetted components are manufactured with materials that are resistant to corrosion caused by concentrated dyes


Kemex Dosers

Highly accurate and simple dosing system with very low maintenance requirement. Precisely measuring the amount of concentrated dye and dilution water. Kemex dosers utilise a fixed volume design, eliminating on-site calibration while guaranteeing a stable mixing ratio with excellent repeatability.  


Mixing tanks

Designed to also function as storage tanks. Uniform quality of the diluted dye is controlled by dosing concentrated dye and dilution water into a static pre-mixing vessel inside the tank. Normally the tank is equipped with level monitoring, continuous agitation and internal tank access through a manhole on the top of the tank.

KEMEX Dye Dilution Station for one dye or other chemical
Dye dilution mixing tank

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