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Differential shafts including Goldenrod

Thanks to its patented torque transmission principle, the Svecom Model 650/PLF Differential Shaft is the most innovative system on the market. Core loading, positioning and unloading is quick and easy and the design ensures both reliability and extended wear between differential ledges and cores.


In operation, the self-expanding rings, positioned on the chromium plate and ground shell body, will block the rigid cardboard core by quickly expanding on the rotation direction. The resistance is proportional to the area involved and permits cores of different widths to be wound on the same shaft.


As the core lock block expands to the outside it locks the reels in pre-determined positions along the entire length of the shaft. When deflated, the ledges retract inside the diameter of the shaft body allowing the reels to be removed. The differential ledges under the rings are interchangeable and can be made in a range of materials dependant on a client's needs.


Winding of all cores is at the same tension rate and each individual core can slip at a controlled speed when the correct air pressure is maintained.


A pneumatic rotary joint controls air pressure injected into the shaft - the pressure range being from 0 to 6 Bar. The friction force produced between the differential ledges and the self-expanding rings generating a perfect, independent, rewinding system.


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Goldenrod Differential Shafts Video

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