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Peripheral Heating Rolls

Possible to use on any kind of single facers

25% longer lifetime

10% energy saving


Increased single facer performance

Better runability with lightweight paper up to 50gsm

PHR Periphery Heating Roll

Heats up in 5 mins at flute changes

25% longer lifetime than siphon-pipe rolls

Always hot, no condensate

10% energy saving on single facers

Tailor made flute profile (TFP)

Strong board

Less paper

Better print

Lightweight better quality

Less resonance

Real alternative to B-flute 2.0 – 2.1mm height

Up to 6% TUR reduction

30% improvement in FCT

9% improvement in ECT

Lower logistics costs

Less vibration

Dasong was founded in Shanghai in 1995 producing Tungsten carbide coating since 2005 and periphery heated corrugated rolls since 2006.  With 2500 end users, the company has the largest production capacity in the world with 90% of its output as tungsten carbide corrugated rolls.


Corrugating Rolls

Tungsten and CT Coated

Finger and Fingerless type. Single Facers

Peripheral heating or Siphon pipe

Roll width: Up to 3,300 mm

Roll diameter: Up to 540mm


Pressure Rolls

Glue and Doctor Rolls

With or without cells

Suitable for any brand of single facer or glue unit

Upgrades for existing Single Facers

Converting siphon-type to peripheral-type

Converting finger-type to fingerless-type

Raw Material Treatment

50 CrMo base material

3 step treatment

Nitriding recombination

Induction hardening

Cryogenic treatment

Fine Finishing

Up to 1400 Hv hardness

Fine smoothness

Superior results over 100,000,000 metres

Tailor made flute profile

Thousands of combinations - paper/machine/ECT-BCT-FCT

Limitless solutions

New W Flute

Easier to convert to B flute portfolio

No need to convince end-users for less than 2mm thickness


Corrugating Rolls