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Stainless steel refiner products

For more than 50 years, Officine Airaghi has been serving the paper mill industry with a range of products made from stainless steel, anti-wear alloys that are thermally treated to ensure the longest possible life.

Products for refiners include discs milled on one or both sides with a diameter of 13 inches; short conical fittings (Conflo type) cast in mono-block or segments; low conical fittings Uordan type) cast in mono-block; short conical fittings with wide angle (Claflin type) cast in mono-block or segments. The most common fittings for machinery on the market are produced and conical and disc refiners of the most common models and manufacturers can be reconditioned.

Deflaking products include pierced discs with diameters from 250 to 600 mm;

toothed rims with diameters from 270 to 950 mm; deflakers cast in mono-block. Deflakers from the most common models and manufacturers can be reconditioned.

Other products include screen plates or sectors for pulpers and turbo-separators; sleeves for shaft protection; impellers and shafts for pumps; pulper and turboseparator impellers and rotors; screens with narrow slots/holes; cleaners in Plexiglass in stainless steel or with hard fillings. Additionally, any type of impeller can be refined or hard-faced.

In recognition of the company's achievements, in January 2002, Officine Airaghi

achieved the SQS (Swiss Association for Quality Systems) certificate ISO 9001 :2008, as a guarantee of the quality of production system and organisation.



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