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Svecom PE

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Expanding chucks

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Safety chucks

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Expanding shafts

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Svecom PE

Svecom PE has over 30 years' experience in the design and manufacture of unwinding and rewinding equipment, and, with its affiliated company Goldenrod, is the largest manufacturer of expanding shafts and chucks in the world.

During this time, the company has set the industry standard for air shafts, being the first with the multi-bladder shaft and then the self-centring multi-bladder shaft.  This later concept has been used on shafts from 12.5mm diameter up to 560mm and with lengths up to 16 metres.

More and more in today's workplace, the weight of the shaft and the health and safety issues concerning reel handling are paramount. To meet these issues, Svecom has designed handling systems incorporating 76mm and 152mm air shafts of the lightest weight without any deterioration to the load-carrying capacity.

A full range of expanding chucks, both pneumatic and mechanical, can be supplied for both unwind and rewind applications with an expansion range of up to 20mm if required. Chucks can be supplied in aluminium, steel or plastic depending on the application.

Jarshire carries a complete inventory of spare parts for Svecom shafts and chucks in Slough and has a repair facility based in Glasgow. Also offered is a repair service for any make of shaft, carried out on site, by fully trained engineers.

Spare parts manuals can be downloaded from this site and an instructional DVD is available on appplication.

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