Tuesday 01 December 2015 | 8:05 pm GMT

Impact Air Systems

Impact waste and trim extraction systems can be found in manufacturing operations all over the world.

Designed to keep machines and production areas clear of waste materials with little or no supervision, the unique modular construction means they can be easily expanded later as an operation grows in size.

Waste is extracted at source as it is created and delivered automatically to the recovery area bringing the benefits of increased output, extra floor space, clean and safe working conditions, reduced handling costs and increased revenue from the sale of waste.

Because no two waste handling systems are ever quite the same, and there is usually more than one solution, Impact Air Systems are designed by professional engineers with many years of experience in the business. Their specialist advice will ensure the right system for the need.

Whatever the waste handling problem, whether it involves corrugated or carton board, paper, high strength plastic films, steel or aluminium scrap, Impact Air can provide a solution utilising their range of Trim Cutters, Chopper Fans, Separators and Filters

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