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Fraser Anti-Static

Ionstorm Long Distance  - image for illustration purposes only

Ionstorm Long Distance

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1250 Static Eliminator Bar

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Fraser Anti-Static

Static electricity affects most industries that process non-conductive materials - such as plastics, packaging, paper, printing, coating, optics, electronics and textiles.

Fraser is a specialist manufacturer of equipment to control, measure and generate static electricity and the company's products are to be found throughout the world providing high quality, cost-effective solutions to the problems that static can cause.

These problems fall into four main areas: electrostatic attraction (or repulsion), that can cause materials to stick to machinery or to each other; the electrostatic field, that can attract airborne dust and other contaminants to the product from up to 1m away; static discharges, that can give an unpleasant shock to personnel and present a real danger in the presence of combustible materials; static discharges, that can cause failure of electronic components.