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In one cycle the FICO 4D has the capability of washing one large or two smaller 330 litre (90 gallon) bins  - image for illustration purposes only

In one cycle the FICO 4D has the capability of washing one large or two smaller 330 litre (90 gallon) bins

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The FICO 4D bin-washer is a new generation washing unit that economically and rapidly cleans refuse bins of 120 - 1100 litres (30 - 300 gallons), both inside and outside. The effectiveness of the washing system is based on rotating brushes followed by rinsing with high-pressure water. This high washing capacity, using re-circulated water, enables several cleaning periods.

Automatic cleaning

A simple control panel manages the fully automatic process. The bin is placed on the bin-lift and the wash programme chosen - the whole cycle taking between 20 to 60 seconds depending on the program chosen.

Heated water spray

The bins are washed externally with hot (60ºC,165ºF) pressurised water - the rotating sprinklers reaching every part both inside and out. The bin is placed in the washing unit with the lid facing the front in order that it does not cover the bin sides and that it is also properly washed.

Washing water is re-circulated several times

A significant amount of water is used in the rinsing process. Therefore, after each cycle, the water is cleansed by mechanical-chemical purifying equipment to enable it to be re-circulated throughout the day. The larger waste particles are filtered into a sediment drawer for removal. The 3000-litre (800-gallon) water storage tank is both adequate and light enough for the whole bin-washer to be mounted on a 14-ton truck.

Integral engine

The FICO 4D bin-washer has its own diesel engine that powers the water pumps, brushes and other equipment.

Versatile applications

The light weight and small foot-print of the FICO 4D enables it to be operated in small spaces and it can be easily mounted on a truck chassis or trailer. Alternatively, it can be supported on legs and used as a fixed washing station where bins are brought for cleaning.

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