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NRT In-flight Sorting

NRT optical units detect and eject material while in flight after it has left the belt.  Others typically detect over-the-belt and eject material some time later.  NRT’s In-Flight sorting® reduces motion-related error, eliminates signal error from belt interference, and enables use of transmissive detection for the industry’s highest signal-to-noise ratio.  Optical units have a full array of spectrometers for identification across the entire belt width.


NRT SpydIR®-R utilises reflective detection for opaque polymers such as HDPE and PVC.  It accurately detects and ejects in flight, increasing purity levels and hit rate.


NRT SpydIR®-T uses transmissive detection to separate selected polymers from a mixed container stream. It is the only technology that uses PET Boost®, improving the detection of thin wall PET, wet PET and full-sleeve labelled PET.

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