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Stationary Compactor: C2

The BACE C2, 2-yard compactor features a 1170 x 1520 cm clear charge box opening and 30 tonnes of compaction force. Combining the C2 with a receiver container provides the superior combination of recycling and waste handling equipment for applications such as distribution centres, warehouses and industrial facilities.

  • Motor 10HP  

  • Average cycle time 57 seconds  

  • Clear top opening 1170 x 1570 cm  

  • Hydraulic pressure (normal/ maximum) 1800/2200



  • Advanced / full lights

  • Auto timer start

  • Oil heater

  • Ozone odour control

  • Fabricated options

  • Doghouse, Hoppers, Chute, etc.


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with Chute

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compactor_bace_c2_600 compactor_bace_c2a_400 compactor_bace_c2b_400 compactor_bace_c2c_400

with Ground Feed Walk-up

with Walk-on

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