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MaxDura was established in 1979 and has been engaged in injecting PU products for many years particularly for the paper ware and paper pulp industries.  Its highly reliable PU products, designed to replace metal, rubber and plastics, are sold worldwide.

The diverse dynamic features of polyurethane have enables it to become the best alternative to rubber and plastics.



Die cutting Anvil Covers

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Anvil Covers


Close bar type

Made from American PU with aluminium or steel backing and with a grounded surface. Hardness: 88 ±3 degrees.  Installation can be achieved in 30 minutes, fastened with bolt screws.


Knuckle type

Also made from American PU material but with a glass fibre backing and a non grounded surface.  Hardness 88: ± 3 degrees. Installation can be achieved in 20 minutes, fastened with knuckle finger.



Easy installation and longer rotation time. Various designs of this product ensure that the die cutting will not fall on the same part of the anvil cover. Hardness 87 ±3 degrees.

Crush-free Wheels

Made from German raw material, shows good elasticity and friction.  

Hardness 45~55 degrees.  

MaxDura-Crush-Free-Wheel-Range slotting-anvil-covers anvil-covers

Lead Edge Feeder Wheels

Available in a wide range of sizes to meet specific requirements. Split wheel design helps the wheel hub and feeder wheel fit into each other without slipping.



Close bar type

Knuckle type


Creaser Wheels

Designed in different profiles – Gear, T-Leg, Martin, Dovetail – manufactured from American material.  Hardness 75~85 degrees.


The cutting depth under the blanket is important as cutting too deep will shorten the lifespan of the blanket. Hardness is also critical - if the hardness is above 90 degrees the knife will be damaged quickly but if it is below 84 degrees the knife will cut deeper and damage the blanket.



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